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 Thank You letter from Japan for Your Donation 2013 



Event Announcement:


10/18/2014 (Sat.)  Flyer 
Disaster Relief Charity Event "Let Love Take Its Flight" 
10am - 3:30pm

Address: Union Church of Cupertino
20900 Stevens Creek Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014

We are raising donation for the disaster relief efforts of the world. We are sending half of the donation to Japan, and half to the U.S. based organization working to serve the victims of the disaster outside the country.


10am-2:30pm: Madei Project Japanese Art and Crafts sale

10am-2:30pm: My Gemstone Bracelet sale for charity

10:30am-12pm: Free English Conversation Lesson for Beginners for charity

1pm-2:30pm:Hawaiian Ukulele Band "Kapalakiko" Benefit Concert

2:30pm-4pm: Antique Japanese Swords Exhibition in Glass Case + Kitchen Knife Sharpening Service for charity by Mr. Harunaka Hoshino

All are welcome. See you there!

4/5, Saturday, 2014  11AM - 3:00PM (this coming Saturday!!)

Earth Day Festival at the City of Cupertino ( in front of the Cupertino Library)

View Our Environmental Science Education Dialogue in PDF   

Our Missions:

Disaster Relief

Solar Energy Promotion

Saving the Ozone Layer 

Environmental Science Education

Homeless Rescue

If you would like to install solar panels in your home or business, and would like to complete your project together with us - to promote the goodness of being independent and creating clean energy for the future, please contact us !

Recycling Hazardous Waste

Here are examples of hazardous wastes.

Light Bulbs, Batteries, Paint, Chemicals, Oil used for deep frying, Electric Appliances, Refrigerator, Aerosol Spray Cans, and many others.

Hazardous wastes are harmful to the environment. If disposed of improperly, it affects our water, air, and our health.

Where can I bring my environmentally hazardous wastes?

1. Call your local City Hall. In many cases, they offer free once a year hazardous wastes pick-up for residents. You can be at a single home, apartment, condo, town house, it does not matter. They can serve all the residents free of charge.

2. Check your local grocery stores. Many stores nowadays accept free drop-off of certain hazardous wastes. Namely, batteries, ink cartridges, some light bulbs not to mention plastic bottles and cans.

3. There are organizations big and small that collects hazardous wastes free of charge for various purposes. Some are for charity, some are for their nonprofit fund, and some are for the environment. Find those organizations and dispose of your hazardous wastes with their service, -contributing to the future and the environment where we live now.

4. There are private businesses that do the recycling for you. The prices may vary, and we know some are like $10 and $15. You could look up the information online and in the phone book to find out who is serving the community.

*** If any business and groups who are accepting hazardous wastes from public for free or with minimum charge, we would like to offer this space to list your name and serving locations.  Please contact us for details.  Thank you for your offer! 


Environment is where we live, and we all need to take care of ourselves and our environment.

World Support is a California Public Benefit Corporation. Your donation to World Support is tax deductible under section 501 (c)(3). We accept charitable gift of homes, merchandises, and food under section 2055, 2106 or 2522.